The POOP Weekly Digest: 9/7/20

POOP The Game

Bringing you all the best things to read while you do the deed.

This week’s issue a tale of ten days, twenty tons, and terrifying Tweets.

First up,

Ten days at the bottom of a vault toilet and this phone just kept on truckin’!

If that’s not surprising enough, it also wasn’t a Nokia. 📱

Next, we’ve discovered a new guilty pleasure — so of course now we have to corrupt you! 🚽

POOP: The Game card format. Blue and orange solid background with slight shadow toward bottom left from purple and white cartoon toilet with four eyes and three fangs.

Toilets With Threatening Auras fills up their Twitter feed with some of the most chilling commodes you ever will see. You can judge us all you want. There are 229k other people following along too!

Finally, that’s a ton of poop! 💩

Twenty tons, to be exact. This (non-injurious) disaster kept an exit ramp closed for hours as crews had to scoop and haul. Firefighters said that the picture didn’t do the smell justice, but we’d rather take their word for it than experience the real thing. 🐔

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