The POOP Weekly Digest: 8/31/20

POOP The Game

Bringing you all the best things to read while you do the deed.

This week’s issue is beary, berry, and hairy.

First up, this historic poop just placed tenth on the world’s leaderboard for mammoth coprolite finds! 💩

POOP: The Game card format with dull blue sky at top third, short band of cartoon grass, and then multiple layers of varying brown dirt, rocks, and fossil fragments.

Low water levels in Lake Pechenelava-To led to this accidental finding of an almost complete mammoth skeleton complete with fur and fossilized feces. 🐘

Alright, who’s volunteering? 🐻

Yukoners have been asked to join a Stoop & Scoop campaign to help researchers learn more about local populations of grizzly and black bears. Apparently, it’s easy to identify and can be found right on the trails. Guess you just have to be on the lookout for rising steam…😳

Finally, ‘tis the season for paintball poops!

POOP: The Game card format. Light berry background with hundreds of tiny, falling, dark berry shade poops. Bottom quarter is a thick layer of fallen cartoon poops.

Learn why summer is the worst season for bird poop divebombs in this share from the Lancaster Eagle Gazette.

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