The POOP Weekly Digest: 8/24/20

POOP The Game

Bringing you all the best things to read while you do the deed.

In this week’s issue, we’re really stepping in it. First, a handy trick from an archeologist. We’ll follow that up with transparent toilets and yet another time where poop saved the day.

There’s no better way to introduce our first share than with its opening blurb. 🐶

“In 1981, then–graduate student Melinda Zeder was sorting through animal bones from a Paleolithic cave in southwestern Iran when she came upon a fragment she couldn’t identify. “When you can’t tell stone from bone, you place your tongue on it,” says Zeder, now an archaeozoologist at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. ‘If it’s bone, it will stick.’ The object didn’t stick. In fact, it began to dissolve on Zeder’s tongue. Puzzled, she turned to her more experienced colleague and asked what he thought it was. ‘Oh,’ he smiled. ‘That’s hyena poop.’”

For the full story on ancient doggy doo-doo and its value in the fossil record, click here to visit ScienceMag.

POOP: The Game card format with cartoon beer mug and poop emoji duking it out in boxing. The ring is represented by a red band with white stars. The background is bright golden yellow.

A fecal transplant cured a 47-year old man of his auto-brewery syndrome. And yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like — his own microbiome was starting up a microbrewery! However, these unskilled microscopic artisans skipped right past the flavor profiles and went straight to the BAC. Their unauthorized colonic adventures were put to a swift halt with one simple poop swap. 🍻

And now, for the one you’ve (most likely) been waiting for…the transparent toilets of Tokyo!

Four by four grid of colorful cartoon toilets with various expressions in the style of Andy Warhol.

Tourists are flocking to Tokyo’s latest attraction — transparent public restrooms!

Now, before you say anything, you should really see them in action. Once you enter and lock the door the glass completely frosts over. The quest of these commodes is to improve accessibility and public opinion. You can scout them out for occupancy and cleanliness without ever stepping foot inside. At night, they become a major feature — glowing like rows of colorful lanterns throughout the park!

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