The POOP Weekly Digest: 8/17/20

POOP The Game

Bringing you all the best things to read while you do the deed.

In this week’s issue, we’ll be touching on important topics such as science, economics, and agriculture — with a bit of a toilet twist. First up, a rather curious insect superpower.

For science!! ⚗️

Smelly Purple Cartoon Beetle on Pink Background in POOP: The Game card format

Beetles are nature’s little escape artists, especially when they pull off this death-defying trick. 90% of the beetles fed to frogs in this study escaped with their lives…albeit Shawshank style. 💩

When life gives you lemons…make compost!

Cartoon lion off to the right in distance looking at pile of poop with various flowers and vines growing out of it in foreground. Cloudy sky and neon green grass. POOP: The Game card format.

One German zoo is battling their current financial woes by bottling up solid gold for gardeners. 🦁💩

Speaking of valuable scat, have you heard the word about seabirds? 🐦

Golden POOP Emoji coin with radiant glow against cartoony blue sky and green grass background. POOP: The Game card format.

Scientists have long sought a way to prove these flighty creatures valuable so they can get some help with conservation efforts. Their latest find? Seabird poop could be worth $473 million a year! Money talks and poop happens — combining the too seems doubly fruitful. 💩

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